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I was extremely happy with the work SSR Web Services did for me, understood requirements
and asked relevant questions where scope was not clear and finished the work under the time frame. Will work with you again!

-- Steven Coxon

First of all, may I assure you that we are very pleased with the quality of work we have received from you!

-- William Bull

The way you work, the heart is touching, we have never seen such a way before, we love it!

-- Raphael Fierro

The correctness of the work shows the efficiency of the work and I am convinced of this, I love it your services!

-- Dylan Lee

A great e-commerce service is available at a very low cost. I am happy with my business after get you as a service provider and want this business relation continue with you. We love your services!

-- Justin Edwards

Working in a better way and completing tasks on timely is a very good sign, we appreciate it!

-- Brooklyn Winston

Services for all your eCommerce Outsourcing Business Requirements

⇐OCR / Scanning Services⇒

Document scanning is one of the best ways to cut costs, improve workflows and modernise your business all at the same time. The benefits of document scanning will improve the way of your team works and will improve your productivity. Our decade of experience working in the document imaging industry has given us the knowledge and expertise to understand our client's needs more successfully. It's benefit seems to be endless.

⇐Link Building Services⇒

If your site has high quality links, then your site gets high rankings in search engines. This blog, guest blog and articles is done by adding links to your website. If you already have content, then we optimize that content and make the link again so that they are SEO-friendly and your site gets high rankings in search engines.

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⇐Business Analytics & Data Solutions⇒

We do all the tasks related to the data that you do every day, we make them a fair solution. Due to the busyness of you or any other reason, if you do not pay attention then you may have to face the difficulties. We solve them all do for you on your terms. We share our experience with your business, giving the maximum benefit to the business.

Privacy Policy
We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect any of your personal information. Personal information received will only be used to fulfill your order. We will not sell or distribute your information to anyone.

Benefits of Outsourcing

⇐On-page Optimization⇒

On-page Optimization is one of the most important factors in our SEO campaign, through on-page optimization, we check various parts of your website such as keywords, HTML, link structure, tags, image all-tags, image captions, names and other visible and invisible factors. If done correctly, your website will be more visible on search engine.

⇐Data Conversion⇒

In the data conversion, the data is changed in the other format according to the needs of the company. So that the company could use it for its purpose.

 ⇒ Volume discount

 ⇒ Monthly payment plan

 ⇒ 100% Money back guarantee

⇐Data Feed⇒

Business companies around the world receive large amounts of data. These data comes in different formats such as .doc, .docs, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .xls, .tif, .jpg and there may be other similar types of format. So keeping this huge data track for any industry is a very complex task and this data increases day by day. We assure you that the services given by us will be without exception. And you are being given this service at a very low price. Our years of experience, we deserve this service and makes positive points and you can consider this points and move ahead to hatch a deal with us.

Services for your eCommerce Outsourcing Projects

Professional Retouching Product Enhancement Services

Image Editing Services Portfolio

⇐Photo Editing / Photo Retouching⇒

Get the best Photo... We try to look better on photos using all those advanced techniques like photo editing and retouching. All of our online merchants, fashion studios, real estate clients, marriages and various types of event photos are best done.

⇐PPC Management⇒

PPC is a way which easily reaches your goods to consumers. By spending a little bit in this, more profit is achieved. Our team of experts in PPC management is running a successful PPC campaign for those small and big businesses with many years of experience.

⇐eCommerce Data Entry⇒

eCommerce data entry is the process of entering data on e-commerce sites related to the products offered by the site. In this process, relevant information about the products is collected from different sources Or the data collected from the given site according to the client's instructions, and entered into the e-commerce site.


Search Engine Optimization Services Portfolio

⇐SEO Important for Business⇒

The search engine optimization is a very important part of your business, in which the content of your business pages display properly by search engine optimization.

SEO makes your site readable. In order to make the readers come back to your website again, we use those words on your website, the words readers like to search more and your business pages on queue is appear on the top.

 ⇒ Low cost services

 ⇒ Multiple check quality control

 ⇒ Satisfaction guarantee

⇐Data Cleansing⇒

Data purity is an important factor in the growth and operations of a company. We always delivers a high quality data services and aim to expectation maximum returns to our customer. We transform and merge different data, to produce you standardize, valuable and dependable information. get to rid of inaccuracies, we gives you verify and accurate data values against other information.


 ⇒ Easy and flexible services

 ⇒ Anytime turnaround

 ⇒ 24/7 Customer support

eCommerce Data Entry Services Portfolio

Data feeding for your eCommerce Business!

Product entry for your online or offline projects. Product entry from various file extension name. Convert data into various forms / file format.

All the products which we are using in our daily life or maybe we have used to occasionally. This can be any kinds of products. These items may be directly or indirectly linked to us.  These products can be Apparel Products, Beauty Products, Indoor Products, Outdoor Products, Office Products etc. We add products for your online store and gives together Image Editing Services and Search Engine Optimization as well as. Just share the things with us, what you need. You will find us with you!


Every business needs someone and SSR Web Services is one of the best who can help to grow your business. We provide different type of services like, Data Entry, Data Conversion, Catalog  Conversion and Digitization, Data Web Extraction, Remote/online Data Entry, Online/Offline, Data Verification, Order Processing, Scanning, OCR Cleanup, Bills / Invoices Data, Image Editing, SEO etc. Our job is to create a separate identity for you, which gives you long term benefits. Based on this concept, we do all things that you see in an outsourcing partner.

By understanding the work well, achieving pre-determined goals and providing the best service and it is accomplished by highly trained and skilled staff.

Free sampling of work, more satisfaction at lower cost, anytime the changes are made by an email and message only or as instructed, they are applied immediately without any delay.

  Our Mission 

We have no doubts about you skills but sometime it's require to work with the other people to less your burden, to reduce your tension, to complete your mission. We are here at SSR Web Services for providing the services which you required for your business. We will help you to find out the goal and achieve your target. We provide services at the turnaround time. We could manage all your works and even we can advise you, how to keep costs low without commotion. Drop an email at info@ssrwebservices.com for your outsourcing requirement.

Give new look by Editing to Photo!

Add Background, Remove Background, Photo Cleaning, Photo Retouch, Photo Resizing, Color Creation and more.  Improving the color of the photo and give to natural look. Finding photos for your products. Finding large and more Photos for products. Gives your photo new identity and make better. Lets start to make best to your photo with us. We start this work with free of sample!

In our e-commerce company, image editing is done by professional photo editors. We provide editing services for everyone, who need it. Our company has professional photo editors who work round the clock to meet the needs of customers.

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⇐Price Tracking / Monitoring Services⇒

Price monitoring is a most important part of your business today. It is a key of succeed today's era. If you have an online store or are planning to launch one in the near future. Chances are that you might have checked the prices of you competitors. After all, sometimes, pricing is the only edge you have over your competitors. Price monitoring is necessary because it helps you decide whether you are selling your products at reasonable rates, underselling or overselling. Apart from this we can also help you in managing your product inventories in case you never run out of products to sell.

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